Contact us at or (978)-486-0494) to reserve meat products.

Cash or check only

Stop by our farm any Saturday or contact us to arrange an alternate pick-up date.


Pasture-raised whole frozen chicken:  available now! 3-5 lb birds $7/lb 

Pasture-raised chicken livers and hearts: available now! $7/lb 

Pasture-raised chicken necks: available now! $7/lb

Pasture-raised chicken feet: out of stock


Pasture-raised whole frozen goose: available now! $15/lb (7.5-9 lb birds; feeds 4-6 people)     


Whole leg, ground goat, or stew meat: $11/lb

Loin: $15/lb

Ribs: $9/lb

Shank: $6/lb

Heritage turkey: coming fall 2024

Pork: coming 2025