Hatching Eggs

Call or email us at (978)-486-0494/thegooseandhen@gmail.com to pre-order hatching eggs. 

Fertilized chicken eggs


Our breeding stock is mostly made up of Rhode Island red, black Australorp, barred rock, Delaware, leghorn, and buff Orpington chickens. All of these breeds are good layers, and chicks should all be of a decent size for meat as well (leghorns aren't meaty, but leghorn crosses are larger, and because we have no leghorn roosters, all leghorn [white] fertilized eggs will hatch hybrid chicks). Mixed-breed hatching eggs will be available for pickup the day after pre-order. Chicken eggs take around 21 days to hatch.

Fertilized duck/muscovy eggs


Duck and muscovy eggs appear identical, so we can't easily separate them for orders of hatching eggs. Our muscovies are mostly white, but some have black patches, and a couple are silver. Our ducks are mixed breeds, mostly cayuga, khaki campbell, appleyard, and welsh harlequin. Mixed-breed duck eggs will be available for pickup the day after pre-order. Duck eggs take about 28 days to hatch, and muscovy eggs take about 35 days.

Fertilized heritage-turkey eggs


We have Naragansett, Bourbon red, and blue slate heritage turkeys. Turkeys lay infrequently; only ~60 per year, and only in the spring. Turkey eggs take around 30 days to hatch. Hatching eggs will be mixed breeds.

Fertilized goose eggs


All but one of our female geese are Emden; the other is Toulouse. Our ganders are Emden, Toulouse, and African. Geese only lay 30-40 eggs per year, and only in the spring. Goose eggs take around 35 days to hatch. Our hatching eggs are mixed breed (but will mostly be Embden, as noted above).